About Wow Guide Algarve

My love for the Algarve made me start Wow Guide Algarve. I have been living here some years and the diversity of the nature, climate and lifestyles, amazes me every day! My passion is to let more people experience “the real” Algarve. I’m going to tell you why:

Luxury for free

It really doesn’t matter how much money you have, it’s a true luxury to have the opportunity to live in this paradise, full time or only for a holiday. All the views, the never ending beaches, the landscape and the sun – it’s all for free. You can pick oranges, lemons, almonds, figs, pomegranate and herbs in many places, if you know where and how, also for free.

The “official” Algarve and the hidden places.

During the years, I have noticed that many people only know about the southern coastline and the towns by the sea, often filled with immigrants like me. I’m from Sweden originally. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sea, the famous beaches and many of the great cities, but to really get the true feeling of what Algarve is and where the Portuguese people are coming from, I believe we need to raise our heads and get a better overview.

Only 15 minutes from the south coast, you find a completely different world. 30 minutes away, you will definitely say WOW! It’s so different, beautiful and amazing, I promise you! And…. you can get a high class dinner, a coffee….or a house for half of the price, compared to the seafront area.

About me

After 45 years in Sweden, I had enough of snow, rain and cold wind. I sold more or less everything I had, packed my car with my belongings and set the gps on “Faro”, avoid highways, and drove down. That was without doubt the most amazing road trip I’ve ever done. As soon as you turn away from the big roads, you see a new Europe.

I love to drive, so choosing road trips was easy. I’ve been working with communication, events and people my whole life so having the opportunity to be your personal guide is a pleasure. My passion is my job!

Elise Slotte, owner and guide