Accessible road trips based on your personal needs.

The Algarve and Alentejo are for everyone! I want to offer the possibility to have a magic Wow Road Trip also for those with special needs. First of all, it’s a road trip where the actual driving from A to B is a big part of the experience.

Let me know what you need and I will do my best to provide a solution. Don’t let go of your passion of experiencing wonderful things!

Elderly people or those who struggle with an illness that limits their energy can still enjoy my road trips. If you can’t walk or have any other disabilities it’s not a problem!

My road trips are comfortable with a spacious car and good AC. Most of the locations can be seen from inside the car and there are no long walks involved. I always have a plan B. If anyone’s energy runs out, we take an extra break or another road. Flexibility as a mindset is important for me.

If you can’t get in and out of the car yourself, you can bring a friend or an assistant with no extra cost. Also working dogs are welcome. Many spots and views can also be seen perfectly from the car.

If you need to bring a wheelchair it’s no problem. Algarve has plenty of wonderful locations with wooden decks that make it easy to access. Please note, that I don’t have a car where you can sit in the wheelchair while driving.

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