Algarve from Above and Caldas de Monchique

902 meters (2959 ft) above sea level with a 360° view all down to the ocean. Monchique mountains offer so many wow views to enjoy that it can be hard to choose. So, I’ve done it for you! The top itself, yes it’s amazing but there is more to see in the area.

This trip will take you to the top and down again on small, snaking roads with old cork trees, wide hills with eucalyptus which itself makes the air into an experience. I’ll bring hot water and you can pick leaves and make your own, healthy tea.

The nature in this area has been affected by the tragic fires during the last years. You can still see the signs of it, but most of all, you can see the wonderful power nature holds, and how it brings life back to the hills.

The extensive wooded park that rises up the hillside of Caldas de Monchique, with the trees that are hundreds of years old gives us a perfect contrast to the “young” nature that we saw before.

This area’s thermal springs have attracted people for centuries with its sodic water, rich in fluoride and bicarbonate which provides several positive effects on our health.

Photo: Patrik Wennerlund

We enjoy a picnic with sandwiches, local products, fruit, wine and more, sitting on the stone furniture from the Roman era, feeling only nature and the wind of history.

The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable and from a clear view miles and miles away, to being “inside” a cloud, can change in short time. This is one of the interesting parts of the trip – the diversity of the Algarvian climates. But don’t worry, whatever it is, I’ll have plan for it! Algarve from above – a heavenly experience.

If you prefer to see the sunset from the top of Foia, we leave around 3-4 pm and are back around 8-9 pm. Depending on season and weather.

Duration: 6 hours


  • Pick up and drop off anywhere in the Algarve. The route will be tailored depending on where you have your accommodation to make sure you get as much wow as possible.
  • Many Wow views and locations that few people get the possibility to see. A road trip that you will remember and that you couldn’t have found by yourself.
  • A luxury picnic lunch surrounded by nature with sandwiches, traditional Portuguese cake/pastry, high quality Portuguese wine, cheese and other delicacies. Quality coffee from Al-Gharb Coffee Roastery, tea, water, fresh juice.
  • Short surprise experiences. For example, see and feel the cork trees and the raw material, picking fruit by season, make your own fresh eucalyptus tea and much more depending on season and route.
  • Comfortable car, fuel, driving. In a 6 hours day we drive around 250 km. The time in the car is a part of the whole experience – magic views, narrow beautiful roads and inspiring conversations.
  • Personal and passionate guiding. Information about the locations, the nature, the Portuguese life and culture. Ask whatever you want during the road trip and I promise to try to answer or find the answer for you.
  • Snacks to keep the energy up all day.
  • Pictures from the road trip will be sent to you shortly after your own Wow day.

Total price 1-2 persons: € 700

Total price 3-4 persons: € 900