Algarve – where the sand turns to gold

Algarve has a special form of of gold. The sand! It’s soft, clean and creates endless dunes and amazing beaches. During thousands of years, the sand has also formed itself into high cliffs, deep caves and creative formations, and it’s still in progress. On this road trip, you will see the most stunning beaches and amazing views in the southern Algarve. 

In some parts of the world, there is a saying: “If you have seen one beach, you have seen them all”.

This is definitely not true in the Algarve!

Every beach has its own personality and signature. Some of them seem to be endless, some are wide, some are hidden between the cliffs and some of them are the link between the ocean and the caves. 

They have one thing in common – they are all magic and beautiful!

Not all beaches can be reached from land. Some of them, we will admire from above the cliffs.

And in some places where we stop, it’s the cliffs we focus on. Amazing formations and shapes that will fire your imagination. Maybe you will see a head of a dragon, or a unicorn, waiting for the princess.

One thing I can promise you; During the day you will have the opportunity to see footprints from the dinosaurs who walked the Algarvian sand long before us.

This day will give you lovely memories and keep the value of your time in the Algarve in your heart for a long time. Price and value