Analyse – Plan – Visit – Move!

To transform your dream into reality, it takes some work. With this 5-step offer, it will be much easier to reach your goal.

Deborah Dahab, one of the most experienced expat and culture transition coaches, will guide you through preparation for your move.

When you arrive in the Algarve for your scouting trip. I, Elise, a professional guide and expat myself will show you the most suitable areas, based on your wishes and needs. I show you areas and tell you everything you need to know about life here. More info about how I work here. Afterwards I will connect you with professionals who can help you with the whole relocation process.

  • More effective process
  • Less time spent on searching for answers by yourself
  • Less money spent on the “wrong” things
  • Better peace of mind – makes the move fun!

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