E-book – Wow relocation guide for high quality life in the Algarve

Many have been asking for it. Now it’s here! This is the first part of 11 e-books in my series of guidebooks for life in the Algarve. It will give you an overview of information and advice to help you take the first steps towards your future.

There are already plenty of very good guides out there, but I have found a “gap” that I want to fill in. A guide based on the wide spectra of being a recent arrival in a new country.

This is a practical guide based on my personal experiences and the questions my relocation clients have asked me about. It’s facts mixed with tips and suggestions. From complicated things like purchasing a property to small tips like “how to sun dry figs”. You will also find forms you can use to plan your relocation. Together with information about the “hidden” Algarve my intention is to inspire you.

The 11 editions will be published during 2023-2024.

You can get it in three different ways:

  1. Book your private guidance meeting. When you book a 1 hour private video meeting to get practical advice regarding your relocation, you will get the first edition for free. Then you decide if you want to continue to subscribe for the next editions. Totally € 125. Book the meeting here.
  2. Only subscription. Subscribe for the next 5 or 10 editions and get this first one for free. Order here
  3. Buy only this first one and decide about the subscription later. With this option you pay € 20 now and full price later. (For 5 € 100 and 10 € 180). Order here
  • 5+1 editions € 100 (regular price € 120)
  • 10+1 editions € 180 (regular price € 220)

Let’s start your future!