Full day road trips

This will be a day you never forget. So many stunning views, magic locations and wow moments. On top of that, a picnic surrounded by nature and lunch at a traditional Portuguese restaurant. We start around 9-10 am and you are home again around 7-8 pm. Get inspiration of the examples below or create your own V.I.P. route.

V.I.P Tailored route

Choose your own theme and let Wow Guide Algarve create your dream route. Beaches, history, castles, pottery, art, nature, inland villages or a mix everything. The Algarve has so much to offer! And the bespoken picnic is of course included!

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The Wow Wild West

The coastline around the Algarve, is not only stunning, but also has an incredible variety of nature and climate. On this road trip, you will see high cliffs, long beaches, “the end of the world”, powerful waves and some of the most breathtaking scenes you can find in this part of the world.

Picnic in the ruins of a fort from 1632 with spectacular views . We will pass picturesque villages on our trip along quaint roads through a landscape very different to the southern coast. Read more and book

The secret lagoons and inland villages

One of the least known areas in the Algarve, is also one of the most beautiful. Imagine yourself standing on a hill, looking down on the turquoise river that meanders through the landscape. No houses, no people. Completely silent except from some birds that remind you about all the life that we so often forget to appreciate. You will experience moments like this many times during the trip!

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