Half day road trips

A half day gives you around 6 hours of wow moments. We leave in the morning before it’s too hot and you will still have time for the beach or an afternoon nap when you’re back home. If you prefer to go in the afternoon, that’s ok too. Get inspiration from the ones below or create your own V.I.P. Everything is flexible.

V.I.P Tailored route

Choose your own theme and let Wow Guide Algarve create your dream route. Beaches, history, castles, pottery, art, nature, inland villages or a mix everything. The Algarve has so much to offer! And the bespoken picnic is of course included!

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The eastern Algarve – soft sand dunes and countryside hills.

The eastern Algarve is very different compared to the western and central parts. Here are no cliffs. Instead the waterland Ria Formosa creates amazing sand islands, dunes and long beaches. The mountains are not far away and on this road trip, you will experience the contrasts in the Algarvian nature.

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The famous canned Sardines and a fortress with a magic view.

Discover the authenticity of the Algarve through a visit to the only artisanal fish cannery that is left in the western Algarve. Together with a road trip along the coastline towards the west coast, this experience will give you plenty of wow! Read more and book

The wild west and the hidden gems of Monchique mountains.

The coastline around the western part of the Algarve, is not only stunning, but also has an incredible variety of nature and climate. You will see high cliffs, long beaches, secluded beaches, “the end of the world”, powerful waves and some of the most breathtaking scenes you can find in this part of the world. Read more and book

Algarve – where the sand turns to gold

Algarve has a special form of of gold. The sand! It’s soft, clean and creates endless dunes and amazing beaches. During thousands of years, the sand has also formed itself into high cliffs, deep caves and creative formations, and it’s still in progress. On this road trip, you will see the most stunning beaches and amazing views in the southern Algarve. 

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The secret lagoons and medieval Silves

One of the least known areas in the Algarve, is also one of the most beautiful. Imagine yourself standing on a hill, looking down on the turquoise river that meanders through the landscape. No houses, no people. Completely silent except from some birds that remind you about all the life that we so often forget to appreciate. You will experience moments like this many times during the trips!

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